Our Vision

The fatigue specialist of welds

Weld-Hit is a Swedish company founded in 2017. Our mission is to offer products we have been missing on the market to make it possible for all companies to utilize high strength steels in their welded structures, even if they are exposed to fatigue.

Welds are traditionally seen as the weakest part of steel structures subjected to fatigue. High strength steel is not used, and many structures are much heavier and costlier than needed. Steels have been better and better, but the development of improvement methods enabling usage of them have not had the same development. We at Weld-Hit will try to catch up!

Our vision at Weld-Hit is to make it possible for all companies and welders to produce structures and welds with superior fatigue properties. We offer procedures and products to remove potential defects, introduce compressive stresses and reduce the stress concentration at the weld toe. The improvements give the weld toe fatigue properties similar to the base material and offer possibilities to produce products with increased value to a small cost.

Reasons prohibiting usage of high strength steels in welded structure

The main principle for the improvements offered by Weld-Hit

Keep it simple!

Fatigue is a complicated process related to metallurgy, surface geometry, and residual stresses. Fatigue of welds is even more complicated. Small defects are introduced at the weld toe, a sharp weld toe geometry and high tensile residual stresses are prohibiting usage of high strength steels in most welded structures. We think that "When it gets complicated, you should make it simple!" the simple solution is to remove the uncertainties that prohibit the use of high strength steel and give a vast variation in the fatigue life of welds. In an optimized high-quality product, it is not worth the risk to not know if any microscopic defects are present or not, since the life of the structure easily can be reduced dramtically if they are.

The offered solutions from Weld-Hit is to:

- Remove potential defects

- Create a smooth weld toe transition with a defined radius of 1-3 mm

- Introduce compressive stresses

Efforts can be put into control operations, but when they are more time consuming than the improvement method it is an easy choice. Improvements add value to the product, controls do not.  

Our products are used to extend the life of existing structures or in design and fabrication to improve the performance of new structures. Enable reduced weight, increased load, extended life or a combination of them.

"The best improvement methods are the ones that are used"

At Weld-Hit we know that the best improvement methods are the one that is used in production. We believe that the key for introduction of improvement methods are the following:

  • The process has a short or no set-up time and can be well integrated in the production flow
  • Low investment level
  • The process offers a predictable quality
  • The result is repeatable and possible to control

Based on these criteria we have been developing products and procedures with the overall target to make it possible for our customers to improve the performance of their products. Focusing on the improvement need of the weld toe we have put together some attractive packages for you.

Our vision is that Weld-Hit products and procedures should be as common as slag-hammers and disc-grinders in the weld-shops for the future. In a future where all companies can produce products in high strength steel with improved performance and a reduced weight.