Weld-Hits HFMI equipment makes it easy to produce welded structures with a higher value to a lower cost, making it possible for our costumers to weld lighter structures and to improve their competitiveness

HFMI has the last decade emerged as a reliable, effective and user-friendly method for post-weld fatigue strength improvement technique for welded structures. At Weld-Hit we are proud to offers the smallest and most cost-effective HFMI-tool on the market. A product that will change the perspective of HFMI, from an expensive product used to extend the fatigue life of large structures to a simple and effective improvement method to be used everywhere. Introducing HFMI in the production of weight-optimized structures in accordance with the IIW Recommendations for the HFMI Treatment.

The improvement effect for HFMI is higher than any other improvement method.

Our HFMI-equipment is driven by compressed air and hit the weld toe with around 100 Hz creating a defined groove at the weld toe with a defined radius of, typically, 1.5 to 2.0 mm and will at the same time introduce high compressive stresses. Which together give a vast fatigue life improvement of the treated weld toe.

The power is adjustable to get the right treatment for different steel grades and to offer a good working environment as possible. The HFMI hammer has a recoil damping and a sound deading exhaust coil. The vibration value is only 2,5 m/s² (EN ISO 28927-10) which is low for this type of equipment.

The machine is powerful but are still in size of a small drilling machine and has a weight of just 1,3 kg thanks to the aluminum housing.

Buy our start package including

- HFMI Hammer

- 8 Wear pins with radius from 1 to 2 mm

- Quality gauges, for radius and depth

- Your own copy of the book  IIW Recommendations for the HFMI Treatment

Deliverd in a dust and shock resistant instrument case

We offer advantageous packages for universities and research institutes who wants to have their own HFMI equipment. 


To secure that compressive stresses are introduced a treatment depth of minimum 0.2 mm is recommended.

For this purpose, we are delivering gauges with our equipment making it easy to set up and control the treatment of the weld toe.

For even superior fatigue properties should you grind the weld toe after the treatment, to get the full effect of compressive stresses, a reduced stress concentration and removed defects.

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